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cindy C Preisler
Discovered you because we are having to cut down 2 Ash trees we planted 27 years ago when we built our home :(  Looking for ideas on how to preserve a little of this wood to make something lasting eg a small bench!  Any ideas of projects and how do we cut these trees to preserve some wood.  My husband has a chainsaw and help!
Appreciate a reply asap - cutting this weekend:)
 09-15-2018  Ali
 I am looking for an artist who can build a custom desk, preferably from reclaimed or rustic wood that is polished.  I'd need a couple of shelves on the desk as well.  Am not particular about the legs (pipes, wood, etc).  We live in an old craftsman.  Do you have a referral program?  Is there anyway I can connect with some of your members to talk about vision, project timeline, and cost?  Thank you!!!
 08-01-2018  Dorothy Wolf
 My husband no longer does wookworking and has 85  Fine Woodworkng and American Woodworker and  other misc. Woodworking magazines from the late 1990's and early 2000's.  He would like to sell them.  Would you have any idea if anyone would be interested in them?


Sun Prairie, WI



Custom Wood / lumber Planing

I have a circa 1950s Powermatic planer with a carbide helical cutterhead and can plane boards up to 15” wide, 6” thick, and 12 feet long to any thickness down to 3/8” thick.  Anything thinner will be at the owner’s risk.   Can also provide full dimensioning, jointing, and sanding service if desired. Fair and reasonable pricing; text or call to discuss. 

 07-02-2018  Tracy Champion
I am in the process of planning an Empty Bowls fundraiser on October 6, 2018 that will be held at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, IL.

In addition to donations of ceramic bowls I am reaching out to woodworking clubs in the area to ask for your participation as well.  My thought is to have a booth set up with handmade wooden pieces (including but not limited to bowls).  I would ask that give a % of your proceeds to the event.  All proceeds will benefit the Crystal Lake Food Pantry and McHenry County College Food Pantry.

You can reach me at this email address or my cell: 815-347-0502 with questions or comments.


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