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Mitchel Cox
Transworld Business Advisors
 Business for Sale by our member
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 06-08-2018  Cathy Glad
 Do you know of any persons or company who
would build a handicap ramp for a 7 year old girl who was
just running and playing less than a 3 weeks ago and now has been diagnosed with brain cancer, had surgery, lost all motor skills and desperately needs a wheelchair ramp. Her
mother struggled to get the chair down the steps, carry
Mackenzie down the stairs to the chair, push he down a
crumbled driveway so she could say hello to the neighbors and her little friends she has not seen in 3 weeks. Her mother did this 3 times yesterday afternoon. It was so
heartbreaking to see her struggle like this, but any motherwould do it again, and again because they love their child.Their is a gofundme page that was set up by Mackenzies Aunt to help pay for medical cost, we are neighbors, we see the
daily struggle that they endure, if you know of anyone who would be willing to donate/build a wheelchair ramp that would be the best news I could give them. We the neighbors,will help !
  in any way the persons or company that would be
willing to help, please contact me if there is any hope of
help. Cathy Glad home phone 414-541-1129, you can leave a message if I don't answer, cell phone 414-378-1688.
Please help me, help them.
 04-13-2018  Tom Lemke -262-241-4839
 Tool Sale
See Tool List Here

 04-03-2018  Wendy Liedtke  414-791-3757.  Tool Liquidation
See Tool List Here
 02-28-2018  Janie
 I work for Able Equipment Co in West Allis and we have some rawhide mallets that we are selling for $5.00 each (sells on Amazon for $36) and thought your members would like to take advantage of this great deal. They are listed on craigslist-Milwaukee already. The mallets are #4's and are new
 01-16-2018  Robert Jordan
I have a very big walnut tree
on my property in Appleton.  Just wondering if there
was any interest in it I would like to get rid of it. 
Its very straight I'm guessing 30 inches across maybe
more. Best Offer.

 01-14-2018  Peter Reichmann
414-438-9183 skipr@milwpc.com
  I would like to sell a new never used Toughtest 1/2 inch plunge router.  It was sent to me by Handyman Club of America as  a Lifetime member edition.  The model # is M1R-DQ03-12.  It has a manual and parts list.  It also gives the name of the supplier.  It comes with a case of 24 router bits.  I am asking $65.00 for the router and bits.

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