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 06-21-2021  Lawrence Tarnoff

Email: Lawrence.r.tarnoff@gmail.com
 I need help with my bandsaw (suspect bad wheel bearing), a very old Craftsman scroll saw (blade won’t engage) and Delta planer (need to replace knives). Anyone in the Guild willing to help out? My shop is in Fox Point.
 06-20-2021  Rick Schultz

 Hello, I hope you can help.
My hobby is building loudspeakers. I am building a speak that is is a large curved pipe. I glued several section together to make the pipe, an octagon profile. I am look for either access to a large lathe or to a person interested in taking on a project. Capacity to 24in long by 10in diameter is needed. Hope you can help.
Rick 414 507 4736
 06-05-2021  Steve
  I live in Appleton, WI and would like to know if anyone in your group would be interested in any of the magazines I have accumulated over the years. I have Fine Woodworking (issues 1 thru 200 plus duplicates), Fine Homebuilding, Popular Woodworking, Mid-west Tool Collector Assoc. mag, Early American Industries Assoc. mag, Fine Tool Journal, and some miscellaneous. Let me know if you’re interested or you know of someone else who might be. I can drop them off to you if you desire.
 05-12-2021  Charles Radtke

Email: charlesradtke@charlesradtke.com
 FOR SALE- Emmert pattern makers vise and some Primus hand planes
Click Here for Planes
Click Here for Vise

 05-12-2021  Robert Brzycki

 A former WWT is downsizing, and is offering these items for sale
 Click Here For Details

 05-10-2021  Laura Hanson

 I have a piece of artwork that I need to have a float frame built for, but it’s a little deep for most places to accommodate. Do any of your members live in the Milwaukee metro (I’m in Wauwatosa) and do small jobs? There are plenty of quick DIY tutorials, but I am just not handy enough to do them myself.
It’s a 30x30x2 1/4” deep piece (with the anchoring I think the depth would need to be slightly more, from what I can tell). I’d like a 1/4 inch gap, I think. Ultimately I plan for the frame to be gold, so no need to stain it.
I’m located in Wauwatosa, Feel free to email me with any questions or interest.

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