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 11-23-2021  Steven C Hoefs

Email: hoefsfamily@gmail.com
  I have a large black walnut tree on my property that I would like to have removed prior to spring and was wondering if anyone in the guild would be interested in sharing the cost of its removal in return for the wood. The property is located in the Lake Geneva area (Town of Geneva).
 11-22-2021  Chris Wood

Email: cactusjack67@gmail.com
 I recently was able to obtain a small collection of vintage woodworking tools from an estate sale was trying to get more information on the pieces and wondered if anyone at the guild would be willing to talk to me about them. They appear to be in excellent condition but as I am a novice in this area, it would be helpful to get insight from someone with experience in woodworking. if anyone would like to respond. I appreciate any help I could get. Thank you.
 11-22-2021  Tammy
  Email: tamhaga@gmail.com
 I have wood for any woodworker who would like to take it. Log sections from a variety of species.

I live in pewaukee Wisconsin
 11-18-2021  George E Lewis

 I'm looking for a woodworker who have a milling machine. I have an enclosure made of bird's eye maple for a Digital to Analog converter I designed. I need the underside of the top of the enclosure to be milled .12" deep and about 8" from the front edge. I can send pictures. Anyone interested in such a task? I'm in Milwaukee.
 10-28-2021   Laurie Pevnick
  Can I find someone in your membership who sells small cutting boards?
 10-14-2021  Nancy A Costello

Email: ncostello@wi.rr.com
 100 sq feet of exotic wood (Mutenye) engineered floor removed. Mutenye is an exotic wood from Africa no longer available.
It is very hard & beautiful. We no longer need & hope it can go to good use. Asking $50
 I am in Milwaukee
Click Here for Pictures

 10-01-2021  Mike Travis
 Retired woodworker selling shop. Inca 12” table saw cast iron top, 50” rip.50”crosscut on Rolland sliding table,twenty items from legendary Bridge city tool work. Lie Nielsen planes including #1,#2.,#9 in bronze. Japanese bench, chisels,paring and slick in Damascus blue steel by Iyoroi. Many more items than could be listed here.

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